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If you’re looking for relief from your pain, Regenerative Medicine of South Jersey offers non-invasive medical procedures for a wide range of medical conditions, including chronic pain and joint injury.
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Who We Are

Regenerative Medicine of South Jersey is one of the premier regenerative cell facilities in Rio Grande and Marlton, NJ. Each member of our team is a dedicated professional who cares about each patient they see. Patients can trust our team to help them find the treatment solution which is the best fit for their specific symptoms.

What We Do

In order to provide relief for a variety of issues, we take an integrated approach to health care that treats patients like whole people rather than a collection of symptoms. We are dedicated to finding the root cause of medical issues such as chronic joint pain and back pain. We correct these issues with both regenerative treatments and other powerful healing therapies.

At Regenerative Medicine of South Jersey, we provide regenerative treatments that our patients can trust. If you’re seeking a solution for a medical problem like chronic pain, it’s time to request a spot at our seminar.


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“The staff and doctors are professional and truly concerned about your pain. I highly recommend them for all your treatment needs.” Google Review

Shelly Hope, Patient

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