Combined Electrochemical Therapy

Electric cell signaling treatment to assist with neuropathy and chronic pain

Chronic pain can limit your range of motion and decrease your overall quality of life. According to the CDC, more than 20% of adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain, with 8% suffering from high-impact chronic pain. There are a number of different conditions that cause chronic pain and can be as much of a financial burden as it is a physical one. Not only does chronic pain affect the individual, but it also can affect their families and society. Therefore, it is important to know your treatment options in order to better your quality of life and reduce your pain.

What is Combined Electrochemical Therapy?

Combined Electrochemical Therapy (CET) is a clinically-proven treatment for both peripheral neuropathies and chronic pain. This treatment prevents the further degradation of the tissue and promotes healing. Additionally, Combined Electrochemical Therapy also increases circulation – this is very important to patients. In most cases where neuropathy develops, patients are experiencing health conditions that hinder their circulation. Ultimately, their tissues begin lacking oxygen and crucial nutrients to maintain optimal function.

Restoring this circulation allows nutrients to flow to the damaged tissues and start the healing process. Furthermore, CET can manage and eliminate debilitating pain and numbness commonly associated with chronic pain, along with many other symptoms. Combined Electrochemical Therapy also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent – which assists with healing and maintaining overall health, and immune system function.

What Results Can I Expect from Combined Electrochemical Therapy?

Regenerative Medicine of South Jersey is all about providing effective and safe treatments for our patients so that they can get back to their normal life again. Our CET treats all causes of peripheral neuropathy and chronic pain. Some potential results can be a reduction of pain and numbness. Many of our patients see an increase in strength, improvement in motor function, balance, and quality of life.

Are You Suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy? Regenerative Medicine of South Jersey Offers Solutions!

If you’re one of the millions experiencing peripheral neuropathy or chronic pain, we are happy to inform you that help is available. Contact us today to get started on our CET programs as we help you work your way back to a normal, healthy lifestyle.