Foot & Ankle Injuries Treated

Pain or degeneration in the foot or ankle is very dangerous due to the fact that issues affecting this area tend to carry over to other body parts as well. When a person walks on an injured foot or ankle, it throws their gait off. Furthermore, it’s possible that this modified gait can cause future issues with surrounding joints or even posture.

Ultimately, it’s best to treat the root of these issues before it spreads to other body parts. If you’re tired of a throbbing, stabbing pain in your foot as you walk, one of Regenerative Medicine of South Jersey’s regenerative treatments can help get you back to living pain-free. Our trademarked RestoraJoint program helps to restore joint health and mobility so that you can return to your regular everyday activities. Learn more about our personalized RestoraJoint programs here.

Our RestoraJoint Program Assists With:

Foot/Ankle Pain

Our medical experts have extensive experience when it comes to alleviating your foot and ankle pain. We have pioneered the industry’s latest regenerative medical treatments, and our same-day procedures can help alleviate your foot and ankle pain regardless of the cause.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and regenerative cell procedures offered by our experts can help treat damages and underlying conditions that may be causing you pain. With just one visit to our specialists, you can be on track to living a pain-free life. Visit us and we can start you on your healing process.

Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia, also known as arch tendon, is located at the bottom of the foot. It is a connective tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot and spreads from the heel bone to the toes at the front of the foot. Overuse of this connective tissue is what causes plantar fasciitis. The common symptoms of plantar fasciitis include:

  • Pain when walking
  • A decrease of pain as the foot begins to get warm
  • Stabbing heel pain originating at the bottom of the heel

This condition is commonly identified as a heel spur although they are not entirely the same condition. A heel spur typically arises at the point where the plantar fascia connects the heel bone (calcaneus), which develops as a bony growth.

At Regenerative Medicine of South Jersey, we have introduced a new regenerative technique for the treatment of the plantar fascia. Our experts treat the stressed connective tissue with injection regenerative cells, to help relieve your pain.

Suffering From Debilitating Foot or Ankle Pain?

Severe pain in the foot or ankle has the potential to greatly affect your everyday life. You don’t have to suffer – we can help. Our regenerative treatments stimulate the healing process while reducing your pain. If you want to get back on your feet, fast, contact our office today. Your path to healing begins now.


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